Real estate studies and consultations

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Real estate studies and consultations

As a Real Estate consultancy, we provide development companies and project owners with the needed consultation to achieve exceptional presence in the Egyptian real estate market. The company’s mission is to participate in the preparation of on-demand projects that meet the nature of developed locations and market needs.

The real estate studies, statistic reports, and solutions we provide are based on scientific and research basis. At HSG we adopt a unique methodology in our consultation services that cover the needs of developers, buyers, and investors. 

We provide companies with detailed reports covering all aspects of the developed project, including but not limited to Pricing studies, expected sales, and referring suitable payment plans.One unique point that separates HSG as a consultancy in the real estate realm is the diversity of locations we cover in our analysis and reports. 

At HSG, we were honored to conduct consultancy studies for multiple projects across a diversity of locations in Egypt. 

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