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Exclusive projects

HSG is a leading exclusive marketer who specializes in prime apartments, residential complexes, and urban renewal projects.

Being in the Egyptian real estate market for 5 years, in addition to over 25 years of real estate background and experience, HSG took the role of exclusive marketer for multiple well-known projects.The company offers the role of exclusive marketer for real estate projects across different scales. As an exclusive marketer, HSG acquires the selection of Luxury properties. The solid marketing process we operate at HSG is built around meeting our client goals and market requirements. 

In the exclusive marketing process, we manage and operate the marketing and sales phases of the project upon agreement with developer companies.HSG marketing team develops a tailored exposure plan to market the project properties through social media advertising campaigns, realtor platforms, and optimized marketing campaigns. 

At HSG, we seek to achieve maximum unit exposure through a variety of marketing channels including indoor marketing, outdoor marketing, and site door marketing. The essential goal is to connect ready-to-buy clients with their dream properties to close win-win deals for all parties.

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